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Patient review April 2022

“After a less than satisfactory interaction with an orthopaedic surgeon, I changed consultants and chose Miss Arshad - a really good move. Miss Arshad is everything I was looking for: she listens, analyses, and gives very clear diagnostics and explanations, backed up by confirmation in writing. She made me feel confident about sharing my concerns and my worries; what I particularly liked is that she did not dismiss any of my concerns and worries, as many male consultants tend to do to women. I am additionally pleased to have found such a competent female consultant given the recent British Medical Journal article that confirmed that women have better outcomes when treated by female surgeons. This study also found that women surgeons communicate better than men, and finally "it's not to say there aren't good male surgeons, but just to say that the pressures that are put on female surgeons may force them to be even better, even harder working, to get to the same point". I am a woman who worked in a very male environment, so I know what that's like. I am happy to confirm that I have found in Miss Arshad all the attributes that I was looking for in a surgeon on whose expertise I will be relying to walk properly again, to dance, to cycle and to do fun things.”

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